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September 7, 2001

Site Build It!
For more information, please contact: announces Make Your Site Sell! 2002, new edition of Ken Evoy's popular Net-selling manual.

Namesake e-book in the best-selling "Make Your ____ Sell!" series is packed with twice as much information.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Internet commerce is some six years old. With all that experience around, why do most Web sites still fail?

"People blame it on gun-shy consumers and the nature of the Web, but actually most commerce sites are simply designed to fail," says Dr. Ken Evoy, President of

"To make your site sell, you need to use proven online selling techniques, and apply them one customer at a time," he says.

That was the point of Make Your Site Sell! (MYSS!), Dr. Evoy's first e-book, which is presently acknowledged Web-wide as the Bible of Internet Marketing." Now Dr. Evoy has updated and expanded the book, retitled Make Your Site Sell! 2002 (MYSS! 2002).

Published online (at by, MYSS! 2002 presents a wealth of information on how to plan and sell a commerce Web site. The process it describes is an integral one that begins with the conception of an online business. From that starting point, the process proceeds to the planning and building of the Web site, promoting traffic, serving the site's customer base, maximizing sales, and plowing all the resulting experience back into the site for continued success.

At more than 1400 pages, the updated MYSS! 2002 is literally twice the size of the original edition. That alone makes it a significant reference manual. Undoubtedly many readers, after giving the book an eager once-through, will refer back on a need-to-know basis. Fortunately, Dr. Evoy writes in an informal, highly readable style, and he presents all his guidance in bite-size bits. The glossary and index are excellent, and the e-book format is also searchable electronically. (As Dr. Evoy notes, No Net-selling answer is ever more than a click or two away.)

The advice in MYSS! 2002 is based on Dr. Evoy's experience as one of the Web's premiere e-book publishers, and before that as an online entrepreneur in the investment field. The author has also built one of the Internet's most successful affiliate marketing networks,'s "5 Pillar Program." And in the course of his experience, he has developed contacts throughout the world of online marketing, some of whose knowledge is incorporated into MYSS! 2002.

The author sees a pressing need for this information

"Tour the Web right now, and you'll see scads of commerce sites that were developed with either the wrong mindset or no mindset at all. That's a shame, because it's so easy to do things right. Site-selling is a simple three-step process."

That's how the book is organized: First, develop an appropriate product and position it for Web sales. Second, build a site that really sells. Third, attract targeted traffic to the site.

"This process works whether you're already marketing on the Web or still looking over the fence," says Evoy. "And unlike some aspects of the Web, these steps are fully under the site-owner's control. If you master 'The Big 3,' your Web business must succeed, because there are no other variables."

Is there a catch?

"The catch is that you have to succeed at all three!" Dr. Evoy says.

Success, of course, is in the details. The complete Table of Contents of MYSS! 2002 is viewable online at Here are some of the highlights:

  • Products and categories with greatest Web potential (and which to avoid)
  • Pricing strategies and practical price-testing methods
  • Scoping out the competition, including sources of business intelligence
  • Locating suppliers to build, expand and improve inventory
  • Developing trust and likability
  • Developing credible testimonial and guarantee pages
  • Writing compelling sales copy
  • Effective design, navigation and usability
  • Choosing shopping cart software and service providers
  • How to incorporate forms, music, graphics, and JavaScript
  • Structuring a path to the sale, and closing the sale
  • Second shots at missed orders
  • Digital fulfillment
  • The ins and outs of credit cards, and alternative payment methods
  • Going beyond mere customer satisfaction to achieve customer delight
  • Setting up a newsletters, and running it single-handedly
  • Proper use of e-mail promotion
  • Case-studies and advice from other entrepreneurs

New with Make Your Site Sell! 2002 is a 90-page Store Volume dedicated to the planning and design of online stores -- sites that sell multiple products, as opposed to a single line of software or a single service, for example.

There is also a 451-page volume on Traffic-building, giving special attention to Web Search Engines and directories. Search sites' workings are mysterious enough to be the subject of a book unto itself, but Dr. Evoy considers this area an inseparable part of the site-selling process.

"The sly stuff your nephew suggested a few years ago doesn't cut it with Search Engines now, and could even be hurting you." says Dr. Evoy. "But there are now many new ways to make search sites work for you."

The Traffic Volume includes:

  • How to research keywords and implement effective, long-lasting Search Engine Optimization techniques.
  • How to make the most of new Yahoo policies. The author even claims to have gotten Yahoo to revise a listing description -- something generally considered virtually impossible -- and tells how he did it.
  • The Five Pivotal Principles of viral marketing.
  • Affiliate Programs. Dr. Evoy discusses this viral marketing option from his vantage as publisher of's Five Pillar Affiliate Report.

"Affiliate marketing is not for everyone," he says, "but if your product is right for it, a well-designed, fair program will shoot your business through the roof."

The Traffic Volume also covers other online and offline traffic-building techniques -- including some methods that Dr. Evoy says have not been revealed before, anywhere. He's even included a few pages on techniques that turned out to be time-wasters.

"The vast majority of our work has been enormously fruitful. But any testing process also produces some negative results. There's no point in our readers going down the same dead-ends that I took!" Dr. Evoy says.

Fruitful, indeed. In addition to selling many tens of thousands of copies of the original edition, and garnering sheaves of glowing thank-you notes and testimonials from readers and industry professionals, the original MYSS! became the flagship title for a series of how-to manuals published by The publisher now has more than 15,000 affiliate sites, and 100,000 subscribers to its three online magazines.

And, Dr. Evoy notes, it was all accomplished one customer at a time.

MYSS! 2002 is available exclusively online at The original volume was very low-priced for a professional book, and this edition continues in that tradition. The price of $39.95 Canadian dollars (CAD$39.95) translates to approximately US$25 at today's exchange rates. Owners of the original MYSS! receive a significant discount on the updated edition.

Evoy guarantees readers' satisfaction with the guidance contained in the MYSS! 2002 package.

About is a provider of e-commerce information and software. The Canadian company bootstrapped itself into a significant Internet success story. Its first publication, Make Your Site SELL! (MYSS!), is generally acknowledged Web-wide as the "Bible of Internet Marketing" and was the inspiration for the "Make Your _______ Sell!" series.

In addition to's "best-on-the-Net at the best price" e-commerce books, the company also markets server-side software tools used by all types of enterprises and entrepreneurs. Ken Evoy's business philosophy is to offer the absolute best information and tools available on the market.'s products and services include the books "Make Your Site SELL! 2002", "Make Your Knowledge Sell!", "Make Your Price Sell!", and "Make Your Words Sell!", as well as five-day Masters Courses. In addition, the company recently launched "Site Build It!", the ultimate e-commerce value bundle that will increase targeted traffic to your sales site (or to the site of the merchant that you represent). products and services are sold directly and through a sophisticated network of affiliated Internet sites. In addition to its 15,000+ affiliates, boasts over 100,000 subscribers to its three online magazines, was recently acquired by SureFire Commerce Inc., of which Evoy is now a Senior Vice President.

About SureFire Commerce

SureFire Commerce Inc. (TSE: MTP) is a global business-to-business provider of proprietary e-commerce solutions in the areas of merchant enabling and secure credit card transaction processing. SureFire Commerce is an international provider of secure online transaction processing services, targeting to process in excess of $1 billion in transactions this fiscal year. SureFire Commerce's merchant enabling solutions provide telecommunications companies, Internet service providers, high traffic portals and financial institutions the ability to generate recurrent revenue streams for themselves and their small- and medium-sized business customers. SureFire Commerce is headquartered in Montreal, with offices in Hull and Boston.