Business Development

SiteSell partners with companies that serve the small business market in order to proliferate SBI! and SBI! for WP, two breakthrough business-building products that overdeliver on quality, performance, price, and most importantly, results.

Created for small businesses without a Web presence, SBI! and SBI! for WP are also the ideal solutions for those who do have a Web presence, but struggle from a lack of traffic and productivity.

1) SBI! is the only all-in-one website-building, site-hosting and site-marketing system that offers the most complete set of integrated tools and applications.

2) SBI! for WP is a combination of web-based learning, online tools, and a WordPress plugin that integrates your research and findings into your WordPress website, helping you to find topics and find customers for your business.

Show your customers how to build a website that works. They have two excellent choices for leveraging their commercial activities through the Internet.

Educational Partners

Not only can you deliver your course registrants an important new life skill, you can ensure their online small business success. With either SBI! or SBI! for WP, each registrant will graduate with proven Internet marketing skills and a website that drives business.

Success depends upon a combination of information, process and tools. It's in your registrant's understanding of how to succeed, and then executing each step of the way. Week by week, they actually build a business as they learn.

Teach your registrants how to own their own targeted traffic and graduate with a diversified, profitable business. We show you how; no need to deliver a curriculum or find the teachers. We do it all for you.

Your delighted graduates spread the word about your worthwhile educational program. As this SBI! graduation event shows, the buzz grows, and so does the waiting list for future courses!

Introduce your clients/students to SBI! or SBI! for WP. Become our partners in education as an increasing number of accredited learning institutions around the globe (ex., U.S., Canada, U.K., Netherlands, Australia, Africa) are doing.

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Monetization Partners

The Web is the ultimate niche marketing-and-selling vehicle. It is the ideal medium for small business vendors of all kinds. But success depends on targeted traffic, which most small businesses simply don't generate.

Both SBI! and SBI! for WP use a proven business-building process, known as Content arrowTraffic arrowPREsell arrow Monetize, along with all the tools necessary to execute. Quality, theme-focused Content, the foundation of the process, attracts large volumes of Presold Traffic who can then be converted into income (Monetization).

With either one of our business-building products, create a Win-Win-Win situation... Win: SBI! or SBI! for WP overdelivers C arrowT arrowP, the traffic-building motor behind flourishing small business sites. Win: You provide an excellent option for monetizing those targeted visitors. Win: Your clients expand their client base (locally and globally) and generate ongoing revenues for themselves and you. They focus on their business while you and SBI! or SBI! for WP take care of everything else!

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Affiliate Partners

If you are an affiliate manager, you know that 98% of affiliates under-perform or are inactive. Increase your number of super affiliates and especially a strong base of "solid performers" by providing your affiliates with the process and tools needed to achieve the "Top 3%" of affiliate success.

Use SBI! or SBI! for WP to create a motivated, high-performing affiliate force, which in turn stabilizes your company's own growth, making it less prone to fluctuations. As your team prospers, so does your business. And the domino effect continues with positive, forward-looking affiliates encouraging others to join your program!

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SiteSell Partner Programs

SiteSell is committed to building rewarding strategic alliances that benefit our partners and their small business customers.

Our unique partner programs enable companies to increase their penetration of the solo entrepreneurial and small business segments, while providing their customers with products that deliver a real competitive advantage on the Web.

SBI! & SBI! for WP

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