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SBI! eLearning Opens Successful E-Business
Ownership To Broader Audience

A smart "Earn As You Learn" approach to e-business building, combined with an affordable tuition fee, differentiates's SBI! eLearning from other online business courses. SBI! eLearning registrants pay only $149 x 3 monthly payments to join other classmates from around the world in a hands-on, structured, learning environment where graduates leave with an operating e-business and a well-developed business plan for future growth.

MONTREAL, Canada (September 21, 2010) announces a new recession-proof registration fee ($149 x 3 monthly payments) for SBI! eLearning, its successful online small-business course released in March, 2009. With no prerequisites required, SBI! eLearning students, under the guidance of an experienced e-business owner/instructor, build and market their own website throughout the course and graduate with an already traffic-generating business foundation in place.

This affordable lower price (down from the previous $698 upfront fee) reduces the financial barrier to entry even further and opens SBI! eLearning to a wider audience, according to's founder, Ken Evoy. He also notes how this announcement reflects the company's overall business philosophy. "The mandate of SiteSell, right from inception," explains Evoy, "is to put our products into the hands of as many people as possible by 1) making the best product possible and 2) selling it at the lowest price. Compared to the thousands of dollars that many courses cost, $698 is a terrific price. But it's a tough nut to crack all at once for many people, especially in these tough times. At $149 for the first month, just about anyone can afford to get in, get excited and get to work, building their own business-on-the-Web."

SBI! eLearning's 12-week online small-business course offers a combination of...

1) self-study, aided by interactive videos, review quizzes, and online text documentation and
2) weekly online "live" 90-minute sessions with a dedicated instructor and fellow classmates.

Students use SBI!'s comprehensive suite of tools to execute the "C arrowT arrowP arrow M" process taught in SBI! eLearning. (The $29.99 monthly SBI! subscription is included in the initial 3 payments.) There is also e-mail technical support and access to additional guidance by current SBI! owners in the private SBI! Forums. SBI! eLearning is offered 5 times weekly to accommodate different time zones and day preferences, and class size is limited to 12 students.

Daniel Kornitzer, CEO of, summarizes their product and its price this way: "SBI! eLearning packs a tremendous amount of value for entrepreneurs of all ages, in a diverse range of geographical and business areas. Moreover, it delivers a true hands-on experience, at a small fraction of the cost of any competing course."

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SBI! was formerly known as "Site Build It!." SiteSell is in the process of rebranding because SBI! builds profitable e-businesses, not mere sites.

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