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September 14, 2005

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SiteSell Takes Care Of Tedious Mass-Submissions To Yahoo!

SiteSell Announces The Launch Of Its Yahoo! Mass-Submission Tool

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

SiteSell is pleased to release its latest Site Build It! (SBI!) tool. This addition facilitates the Yahoo! mass-submission process for an SBI! user. The SBI! system already has a similar tool for automated Google Sitemaps submissions.

Yahoo!, following Google's lead, now offers its own version of a "Sitemaps" file. The key difference between the two is Yahoo!'s simpler format. Yahoo! uses a text file rather than an XML file.

Site Build It! automatically creates a Yahoo! text file which contains all the URLs of a user's site. The SBI! system also automatically updates the file, once per day, whenever the user adds, deletes, and/or modifies a page.

For increased Yahoo! credibility, SBI! requires the user to manually submit his or her unique text file the first time. This action shows Yahoo! that a human being is submitting, rather than an engine-spamming bot. The user does not need to resubmit the file.

"Previously, a site owner could only submit his or her home page to Yahoo!," notes Evoy. "SBI!'s new tool now puts all your pages in front of Yahoo! in a single submission! The text file enables Yahoo!'s spiders to find and crawl very efficiently. I expect MSN and Jeeves to follow suit." Evoy chuckles, "We'll be ready!"

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