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Site Build It! Delivers SBI! 2.0,
The Affordable Web 2.0 Solution for Small e-Businesses

The Next Generation of e-Business Building

Site Build It! leverages the e-business-growing efforts of its owners by adding the ability of their site visitors to add genuine, full content Web pages that deliver long-tail search traffic, build community and spread virally. For the first time, visitors to niche small business Web sites have a full voice, well beyond mere blog-commenting. For the first time, small e-businesses have their own full Web 2.0 platforms that enable a whole new level of user-generated content, site and traffic growth, and viral spread.

Typical sites and blogs "tell" in a one-to-many voice, and are all about the author. SBI! 2.0 sites "listen," are many-to-many, and are all about their visitors. Its 2-year pre-launch history bears out that this is the next generation of e-business building for "everyman."

MONTREAL, Canada (October 22, 2009) today introduced "SBI! 2.0," the interactive generation of Site Build It!. SBI! is the all-in-one system of process, tools, support and updating designed to build successful e-businesses (not just Web sites or blogs, which are merely the "place of business"). Now, SBI! 2.0 delivers, through its proprietary platform, automated, regulated and high-quality Web 2.0 to small business owners, enabling visitors to easily generate unlimited content pages for them and increase traffic by creating a viral, inbound-link buzz.

This specialized software, in development since 2005, was released as a separate module to SBI! owners in 2007. Its steady refinement to date, along with outstanding results, culminate in its release as "the next generation of SBI!," now available to all, free.

Combine the best of Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter on a small e-business scale and you have SBI! 2.0! This business-leveraging module is included, at no extra charge.

Up until now, according to SiteSell Founder Ken Evoy, true Web 2.0 technology was financially out of reach for small business owners. Blogs became their sub-optimal default choice. "The most business-related interaction these owners could hope to generate was a comment here and there on a blog post," explains Evoy. "The problem is that the majority of people who follow a blog, which I equate to a stack of newspaper clippings that age rapidly, just want to read the latest post and they usually don't bother to comment or read outdated posts."

That's why Evoy describes SBI! 2.0 as the unique combination of traditional niche-based content sites, which already generated unmatched success rates, built-in e-zine list management, and RSS distribution, now multiplied by the power of quality-controlled, user-generated content and viral interaction among participants. Says Evoy, "It's not the 'one-to-many' type of content-building, like blogging, where you still do all the content-creating. It's 'many-to-many' where your visitors want to share information, while others comment, rate and spread the word.

Not only does your site grow with true content, you learn more from your visitors by liberating them to share what they want instead of merely commenting on what the author has chosen to write. SiteSell CEO Daniel Kornitzer adds, "When like-minded people with the same passion have a voice, they use it to create valuable Web pages for you, the kind of content that Google really gets its teeth into and delivers tons of long-tail search traffic."

Users of SBI!'s interactive software have been creatively engaging their audience since 2007 by inviting visitors, for example, to either ask questions, share best/worst experiences, post photos and videos, rate and review products related to the Web site's theme, enter contests, or create directories, etc. Naturally, in true SBI! style, the software has been constantly upgraded, as has the accompanying guide (in text and video format). It provides user-tested strategies, from simple to advanced, to spark additional content and monetization ideas.

The launch of SBI! 2.0 demonstrates's ever-intense commitment to helping "everyday" people turn their interests and passions into long term, profitable e-businesses. SBI! was already renowned for its e-business success rate and its intensely devoted customers.

"SBI! 2.0 takes everything we've done to date, " exclaims the passionate Evoy, "and puts it to the power of 2. Or should I say the power of 2.0? It pushes way beyond blogging. It is true Web 2.0 for the small e-business!"

Complete details are available at SBI! 2.0.

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