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November 30, 2001

Site Build It!
For more information, please contact: and SureFire Commerce Announce First Joint Venture

Montreal, Quebec, Canada and SureFire Commerce today announced the launch of their first collaborative effort since SureFire acquired SiteSell one year ago, exactly. SureFire Premium Processing (SPP) is a high-end, personalized transaction processing service aimed at merchants executing a substantial volume of business on the Net. It specifically targets merchants who process in excess of $1 million of business online (per year). However, SPP is also aimed at "special situation" merchants, such as...

  • medium-to-large offline companies, presently in transition to online sales
  • businesses that are currently processing $100,000 or more per year, but who are growing rapidly
  • well-funded startups

The launch of SPP marks the beginning of an aggressive online rollout of SureFires cutting-edge transaction processing technology. "SureFire developed this technology while becoming the dominant transaction processor for the online gaming industry. They do some amazing things that I've never seen anywhere else," said Dr. Ken Evoy, President of and Senior Vice President of SureFire. "We worked with them to bundle it into a truly remarkable product for regular, lower-risk businesses."

Transaction processing is a critical factor in cashflow generation. Down-time, technical glitches, poor or inadequate customer support, slow clearing and fraud are all common issues that cost online merchants substantial amounts of lost income.

Much public attention is placed on customer hesitation (sometimes distrust) regarding online payments. Very little, generally, is directed at the concerns of merchants. "Nothing is more important to your online business than clearing cards fast and fraud free," continued Dr. Evoy. "For companies who struggle with a razor-blade thin competitive edge, this is always front and center in their daily operations. Every basis point to the bottom line counts -- and we guard every single point for our customers."

SureFire Premium Processing (SPP) offers sophisticated fraud protection, air-tight security,100% up-time, immediate integration through a seamless migration, and real-time reporting and control tools (ex., refunds, phone/fax/mail manual orders). It has the flexibility to accommodate special needs, such as multiple currencies. It provides 24 x 7 in-house support, with escalation to a personal account contact if ever necessary.

SureFire Commerce has no parallel in the transaction processing field. Its domination of the high-risk online gaming industry (SureFire processes half of all online gaming transactions) led it to develop an especially robust system with "second-to-none" leading-edge fraud technology. SureFire Commerce has worldwide recognition and status, and now processes in excess of $1.5 billion annually.

E-commerce continues to grow at exponential rates. "Premium Processing is after that premium business," says Dr. Evoy. "More and more merchants are outgrowing their processors and looking for superior alternatives. Manufacturers are coming online, selling direct. The diversity of successful and growing businesses is stunning. If its any kind of a serious venture, SPP wants that business, and provides unequaled value, all for one single low fee." itself is a case in point. It worked with SureFire to develop a "Premium Service" that would meet its own high-volume transaction processing needs. After 3 months of development, SiteSell made the move from its former processor (a well-known Net leading company) to the SureFire service. "At that point," says Evoy, "the lights went on. Our processing was faster and cleaner, and our fraud rate evaporated. We had absolute control over our business... without the frustration and technical glitches we'd experienced before."

"It seemed obvious that our experience was not an isolated one," emphasized Evoy. SiteSells own extremely positive experience was the impetus to develop and introduce what Evoy calls "the Cadillac of transaction processing."

SureFire Premium Processing is available exclusively online at

About is a provider of e-commerce information and software. The Canadian company bootstrapped itself into a significant Internet success story. Its first publication, Make Your Site SELL! (MYSS!), is generally acknowledged Web-wide as the "Bible of Internet Marketing" and was the inspiration for the "Make Your _______ Sell!" series.

In addition to's "best-on-the-Net at the best price" e-commerce books, the company also markets server-side software tools used by all types of enterprises and entrepreneurs. Ken Evoy's business philosophy is to offer the absolute best information and tools available on the market.'s products and services include the books "Make Your Site SELL! 2002", "Make Your Knowledge Sell!", "Make Your Price Sell!", and "Make Your Words Sell!", as well as five-day Masters Courses. In addition, the company recently launched "Site Build It!", the ultimate e-commerce value bundle that will increase targeted traffic to your sales site (or to the site of the merchant that you represent). products and services are sold directly and through a sophisticated network of affiliated Internet sites. In addition to its 19,000+ affiliates, boasts over 100,000 subscribers to its three online magazines. was recently acquired by SureFire Commerce Inc., of which Evoy is now a Senior Vice President.

About SureFire Commerce

SureFire Commerce Inc. (TSE: FIR) is a global business-to-business provider of proprietary e-commerce solutions in the areas of merchant enabling and secure credit card transaction processing. SureFire Commerce is an international provider of secure online transaction processing services, targeting to process in excess of $1.5 billion in transactions this fiscal year. SureFire Commerce's merchant enabling solutions provide telecommunications companies, Internet service providers, high traffic portals and financial institutions the ability to generate recurrent revenue streams for themselves and their small- and medium-sized business customers. SureFire Commerce is headquartered in Montreal, with offices in Hull and Boston.