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Nov 12, 2004

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SiteSell Launches "The Bible" Of PREselling

SiteSell Announces Launch of "Make Your Content PREsell!"

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Today announced the launch of "Make Your Content PREsell!" ("MYCPS!"). This e-book is the latest addition to SiteSell's widely acclaimed Make Your ____ Sell! line of resource books and software for small business owners on the Net.

"PREsell," a term coined by the author and President of, Dr. Ken Evoy, can be best described as "warming up" or "creating an open-to-buy mindset" in your prospective customer. MYCPS! teaches small business owners how to "write to PREsell" through the creation of their own unique style or "personal voice," and by communicating in a manner that builds a trusting, credible relationship with their target market.

Dr. Evoy emphasizes the timely importance of this book. "The Web is a TEXT communication medium and it will be such for the next 10 years. Somewhere along the way, however, we have become obsessed with everything except how to write TEXT. If there is anything holding back small business on the Internet, it's the inability to write." He places the blame for this major obstacle on the shoulders of the educational system. "The system failed us. We were taught to write to impress rather than to communicate... to build relationships. So where does that leave most people on the Web, where the written word is king? Doomed, of course!"

The best way around this hurdle, according to this self-taught, successful Net marketing expert, is by following the advice and strategies in Make Your Content PREsell!. "Writing to PREsell is not a genetic talent. Writing to PREsell is a skill you can acquire and MYCPS! helps you acquire that skill."

MYCPS! was initially created for owners of Site Build It!,'s site-building, hosting, and marketing system, but user feedback was so enthusiastic that Dr. Evoy decided to release MYCPS! to a wider audience, citing this reason. "We live in a world where communication is the #1 skill set of value. Everyone, regardless of what they do online or offline, needs to know how to write effectively. That's why the price is so affordable, even though MYCPS! is worth three to four times that price."

Make Your Content PREsell! costs $9.95 and is available to the general public at...

About SiteSell is the publisher of the best-selling Make Your Site Sell! and a series of other Net marketing books of which over 100,000 copies have been sold. Over 300,000 people subscribe to its various e-zines and courses. And over 10,000 small businesses use Site Build It!. SiteSell is currently ranked among the top 300 sites on the Net, according to

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Ken Evoy, has been profitable since its inception. "We do it the old fashioned way," says Dr. Evoy. "We OVERdeliver on customer expectations, and truly empower our customers to do business successfully, while leaving the technology and complexity to us to handle in the background, where it should be."

SiteSell employs 35 people in the United-States, Canada, Australia and Europe.