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May 19, 2006

Site Build It!
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Site Build It! Adds "Ultimate Outside Lateralizer," Deepening Search Functionality

SiteSell Launches Ultimate Outside Lateralizer!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Ultimate Outside Lateralizer expands Brainstorm It!'s lateral brainstorming capabilities. Brainstorm It!, a key part of Site Build It!'s suite of tools, is through the browser keyword-research software. SiteSell promotes Brainstorm It! as a key business foundation building tool which can be used to identify a site concept/theme, brainstorm related topics, plan potential revenue sources and refine a final concept and domain name.

For lateral brainstorming, Brainstorm It! uses outside resources to generate keywords that are related to a specific word but do not contain it (ex., for "anguilla," lateralized words would be "caribbean" and "travel" and "Barbados"). In the past, a user could access META keyword information from Google's top 100 related sites and/or its top 200 related sites.

Now the user has access to additional information. The Ultimate Outside Lateralizer brings back the top 200 sites for a specific keyword search at other (non-Google) major Search Engines (ex., Yahoo!). It also identifies 10-12 sites that are related to each of those 200 sites. This totals up to 2500 sites per search enquiry (including the original 200 returned by the engines).

A user receives the Ultimate Outside Lateralizer's related search results for a specific keyword as an attachment. This keyword list also includes Wordtracker Demand and Webmaster frequency (i.e., how many of the 2500 sites had the specific keyword in their META keyword tags). This information serves as a rough indication of what Supply could be. The user can then use the ratio of Demand to Supply to determine a keyword's profitability.

"Our newest search function allows Brainstorm It! to go very wide with its brainstorming queries," notes Ken Evoy, President of "Through the Ultimate Outside Lateralizer's super-intensive search, the user may either pick up profitable fringe words for additional content pages or the results may spark some ideas about how to approach an already well-done topic. As I say to SBIers, it's like having 2500 Webmasters working for you to wring the most out of your theme!"

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About SiteSell

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Ken Evoy, has been profitable since its inception. "We do it the old fashioned way," says Dr. Evoy. "We OVERdeliver on customer expectations, and truly empower our customers to do business successfully, while leaving the technology and complexity to us to handle in the background, where it should be."

SiteSell employs 35 people in the United-States, Canada, Australia and Europe.