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May 07, 2006

Site Build It!
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SiteSell Launches Choose It!, Decision Making Software

Choose It! Introduces Site Build It! To Diverse Audiences

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

SiteSell releases its latest affiliate promotional tool, Choose It!. This free tool is a creative way to engage people's participation, while introducing them to Site Build It!, SiteSell's site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing system.

Choose It! builds a sophisticated decision matrix while the user completes a step-by-step decision tree. The ability for the user to add limitless possible answers and up to a total of 10 factors allows Choose It! to address complicated questions. This aspect is what sets it apart from similar types of software.

There are five steps involved in Choose It!'s decision making process: entering a question, listing potential answers, listing most important factors or considerations, scoring each possible answer for each important factor, and finally, getting the answer. The process basically organizes the user's thinking for her or him.

Choose It! can be used for any type of decision, giving it broad-based appeal. SiteSell reinforces its promotional value by cleverly using a question about Web hosting as its Quick Tour example. Site Build It! is listed as a possible answer.

Ken Evoy, President of, explains the rationale. "Affiliates can either market directly to people who are considering where to host their small business online or they can promote the decision making software itself. After all, everyone has life choices to make. But no matter why people come to Choose It! initially, the example, along the way, presells Site Build It!."

A private version is also available for Site Build It! owners. They can use Niche Choose It! to finalize their content site's theme and/or domain name.

Full details about Choose It! are available at

About SiteSell

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Ken Evoy, has been profitable since its inception. "We do it the old fashioned way," says Dr. Evoy. "We OVERdeliver on customer expectations, and truly empower our customers to do business successfully, while leaving the technology and complexity to us to handle in the background, where it should be."

SiteSell employs 35 people in the United-States, Canada, Australia and Europe.