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BlockBuilder 2 Leaps Past All Sitebuilders

With its modern interface, intuitive ease-of-use, flexibility, and speed, SBI!'s BlockBuilder 2, a browser-based, drag and drop page-builder, leaves clunky functionality behind and leapfrogs to best of breed status. SiteSell's $3.5 million investment ushers in the next generation of SBI!, an all-in-one proven e-business building package that delivers unmatched success results.

MONTREAL, Canada (March 28, 2012) ushers in the next generation of its flagship product, SBI!, with the release of its modern browser-based page-builder known as "BlockBuilder 2." This massive 3-year, $3.5 million investment pushes SBI!'s proven, results-generating, all-in-one website building package to the next level, at no extra cost to the user, and opens a new era of e-business building.

"BlockBuilder 2 or BB2 is an easy-to-use, productivity-boosting tool," explains SiteSell Founder Ken Evoy, "and by helping website owners to increase the quality and quantity of their content creation in a fun and effortless way, they gain a profitable business edge. After all, the more in-demand, high-value, properly-constructed content Web pages you create because it's simple to do, the more targeted traffic these pages will pull away from your competitors and the more they will convert your visitors into income. BB2 keeps your Content arrow Traffic arrow PREsell arrow Monetization engine firing on all cylinders."

This unique sitebuilder, which presents a sleek, intuitive user interface, is loaded with extra functionality. Here's a sampling of BB2's features...

  • visual designer - total design control; access to 200 free design templates
  • visual page-builder - see your page as you build it
  • state-of-the-art Rich Text Editor
  • smooth drag-and-drop block types, each with their own toolbar
  • "Sitewide Dots" (20 different locations) - whatever you insert (ex., a ad, second navigation) displays site-wise
  • "Reusable blocks" - your own specialized blocks (ex., for ads, related pages, or anything you'll use more than once)
  • Filter tools for easy search
  • Raw HTML blocks - insert code (ex., to embed a video)
  • Image blocks - images automatically downsize to fit the space available

"The clunky parts of BB2's predecessor are gone," adds Evoy, "but the critical page construction training and page analysis tool remain firmly intact. The fact that 62% of SBI! sites already rank in the Top 3% of sites, despite using the old BB1 clunker, sends a strong signal. Creating a website that delivers maximal value to the visitor and that ranks highly at the Search Engines is essential for e-business success. SBI! owners using the new BlockBuilder 2 raise the productivity bar even higher."

Click here for full details about SBI! and its best-of-breed BlockBuilder 2.

Additional Information

For a general overview of the product, visit SiteSell home page and for background notes about the company, see SiteSell Inc.

SBI! was formerly known as "Site Build It!." SiteSell is in the process of rebranding because SBI! builds profitable e-businesses, not mere sites.

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