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SiteSell Services Client Wins Special Entrepreneurial Award

Quebec Award Winner Credits SiteSell's CTPM Strategy

MONTREAL, Canada (June 24, 2009)

SiteSell Services extends congratulations to client Lyse-Anne Roy of DrPatch, Inc. ( Ms. Roy won a prestigious entrepreneurial award, under the "Best Internet Strategy" category, at the 11th Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

This contest focuses on the accomplishments of young people and new entrepreneurs who reside in Quebec. The prize is a special award granted for excellence in developing an Internet strategy as part of a company's operations plan.

Winning the award was a thrilling experience for Ms. Roy. "When they announced the 'Internet Strategy' category and then my name, I almost fainted. Of all the hundreds of finalists and thousands of entries, my project had the best Internet strategy. That strategy, of course, is none other than CTPM, driven by SBI!."

Content arrowTraffic arrowPREsell arrow Monetize is the cornerstone of the Site Build It! (SBI!) system, notes Ken Evoy, founder of SiteSell, the parent company of SiteSell Services. He describes it as a 'profitable chain reaction.'

Mr. Evoy sums up the SBI! strategy/process this way, "Offline, running a successful business is all about location, location, location. Open a store in a highly trafficked area, merchandise well and sales are virtually guaranteed. Online, however, people aren't looking for your business; they're searching for information and solutions. This is the fundamental reality of the Net that most small business owners do not recognize. To be successful online, you must first deliver what people and the Search Engines want and that is relevant, quality, information-packed content. The Search Engines will reward you with higher ranking scores and lots of free targeted traffic. Your content will, in turn, build trust and credibility with your visitors, making them more receptive to your sales message. Your sales copy can then 'close the deal' on whatever your monetization model may be."

Lyse-Anne Roy founded DrPatch after her son was diagnosed with Strabismus. Because part of the treatment regime was wearing an eye patch, Ms. Roy set about making a creative patch for her son that was fun to wear. Eye doctors and a local children's hospital have evaluated and supported the work because her festive patches help kids feel more confident than wearing standard eye patches.

For the online sector of her business, Ms. Roy contacted SiteSell Services, the "Do-It-For-Me" business-building division of Using the Site Build It! system (process and tools) and a prescribed site development plan, a certified SiteSell Services Specialist helped Ms. Roy to determine the best positioning for her site, and then he researched profitable in-demand keywords for content pages and set up the site's core architecture, including its Look & Feel design.

"I understood the power of SBI!," states Ms. Roy, "and unlike Webmasters who want to hold you as a client forever, SiteSell Services is happy to make you independent. I've learned enough to take over my online business."

This entrepreneur's e-business continues to grow, under her own steam. DrPatch started getting orders almost the day after PayPal was added to her site. And according to Ms. Roy, orders are steadily increasing in number, coming from the US, Canada and overseas.

"Winning the Best Internet Strategy is a tremendous validation. I know it's 'only' a prize and that you can't eat prizes. But my e-business is growing steadily and that's something that I can take to the bank," adds Ms. Roy happily.

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