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Brainstorm It! V3.3 Integrates Seed Generator At No Extra Charge

The make-or-break decision when starting an e-business is choosing the right theme for your site. Seed Generator simplifies preliminary keyword research by stimulating ideas and helping you to quickly identify potential niches.

MONTREAL, Canada (July 8, 2010).

SiteSell announces the latest free upgrade to the SBI! system, Brainstorm It! V3.3 and its integrated Seed Generator. This creative brainstorming tool is a major time-saver in the foundation-building stage of a theme-based content site. It generates hundreds of possible niches or site concepts for your consideration.

The Seed Generator tool is easy to use. Enter either a general or more specific word into its search field and Seed Generator generates a collection of related "niche" words with winnable competition (supply) and reasonable demand. Using the guidance and the sorting/filtering/deleting tools provided, the user narrows down the list to 3 top possibilities and then continues on with SBI!'s precise nice-finding and keyword research process.

In the preliminary research stage, your focus is on high-level review of demand and supply data. If your niche or site concept is too narrow, there is not enough demand for you to monetize. If your niche is too broad (high supply), the competition will be severe and it will be difficult to win or reach top rankings at the Search Engines for its keywords.

Seed Generator simplifies this type of analysis. It brings back...

  • Real Supply of 200,000 or less, but greater than 2,000, and
  • Value Demand of 2,000 or greater.

The objective is to identify sought-after terms or keywords without too much competition and that also interest you. Combine these two factors and you have enough information to give you a general sense of whether a potential niche warrants further investigation with Brainstorm It!'s vertical and lateral brainstorming tools.

Ken Evoy, founder of SiteSell, summarizes SBI!'s latest addition this way, "Seed Generator stimulates ideas. It gives you that little whack on the side of the head to get you going. It will either give you a great idea for an excellent online business, or one of those words will stimulate you to think of one. Seed Generator moves you forward confidently."

Click here for more details about Brainstorm It! V3.3 and SBI!'s comprehensive suite of tools.

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