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Face It! Release: SBI! Brings Click-Easy Social Media Marketing to Small Business launches Face It!, a sub-module of SBI!'s Socialize It!, in recognition of the growing importance of Social Media Marketing as an adjunct for e-business. Face It! provides a seamless integration of SBI! and Facebook, making it click-easy for small business owners to harness the viral social power of Facebook by inserting multiple "Like" buttons on multiple locations on their websites and adding Facebook Comments on selected pages, too.

MONTREAL, Canada (July 15, 2011) announces the release of Face It!, the first of four upcoming releases designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Social Media Marketing efforts by SBI! clients as they build brand awareness and extend the reach of their online businesses. Face It! is the latest addition to SBI!'s social proof building module known as "Socialize It!" (one of 80+ modules in SBI!'s all-in-one e-business building package).

Face It! has 3 unique advantages according to SiteSell Founder Ken Evoy. This new sub-module allows you as a user to easily...

  • insert multiple Facebook "Like" buttons (3 max) anywhere on any of your website pages
  • decide on their functionality or role (i.e., select whether you want visitors to "Like" your site, or a specific page)
  • integrate Facebook's Commenting platform, which enables visitors' comments to virally spread back to their friends. Evoy describes this feature as "pushing commenting beyond blogging."

"Blog posts need comments, but evergreen web pages do not," Evoy goes on to explain, "and that is what SBI! creates. In general, comments add little content value and no additional search engine results. That's not the case when you have Facebook powering the ability to make a comment on an evergreen page that a visitor has enjoyed. There is viral power in even the mundane 'I really enjoyed this page' or 'Your site is outstanding.' Comments are no longer locked up. They spread."

The release of Face It! underlines SiteSell's recognition of the importance of Social Media Marketing for online businesses. Evoy sums up the timing this way...

"Just like offline, socializing is part of business. Socializing is not business itself, it's an adjunct. Every sign I read convinces me that it's going to be an increasingly important adjunct for every type of e-business, as you use it to improve search rankings, increase PREselling, build another group of fans, etc. And given Facebook's focus on empowering small business, it's too risky now for any owner not to be doing Social Media Marketing."

Click here for more details about Face It!, Socialize It! and other SBI! tools.

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