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Brainstorm It! Version 3.0 Launches

Latest Version of SBI!'s Advanced Keyword Research Tool Now Available

MONTREAL, Canada (July 14, 2009)

SiteSell announces the launch of Brainstorm It!, Version 3.0, featuring new technologies, a new user interface and a sharper Look & Feel. This latest release of Site Build It!'s advanced keyword and topic research tool is the beginning of the next generation of Site Build It! (SBI!) apps.

Ken Evoy, Founder of SiteSell and creator of the Site Build It! system, describes the extensive changes in Brainstorm It! V.3.0 this way, "Vertical and lateral brainstorming are still click-easy to do, but the process for assessing the results is now more intuitive and simpler to comprehend. It's the only tool out there that really focuses on the process of finding good niches and relevant, in-demand content development."

Brainstorm It! V.3.0.'s newest features, in particular the "Site Concept Finder" and filtering options (such as numerical or percentage ranges, keyword "excludes" or "contains," etc.) save time, while building confidence in the site and business building process. SBI! users can conveniently evaluate 3 potential niches or Site Concepts simultaneously. Clear guidelines (via video and written documentation) outline how to interpret brainstormed keyword data, while narrowing, broadening or side-branching potential niche, and help users to confidently determine the best possible Site Concept for their ebusinesses.

Leading-edge filtering functionality, including sequential filtering and pre-set tasks, makes it easier for users to manipulate and understand data in their "Master Keyword List," specifically as it relates to Value Demand, Real Supply and Profitability. In the foundation-building stage, according to Ken Evoy, informed decisions about which keywords to keep or delete, based on niche depth, overall profitability, user's available time, and monetization potential, are critical for developing a solid Content Blueprint and Web site structure for long-term business success on the Net.

"Good keywords, bad ones. Solid ones. Low-medium demand with low supply. High profitability with mid-range supply. You can use a pre-set filter (or create your own!) to find them, and then delete whatever is useless in that subset," notes Evoy.

"Business-building," adds Evoy, "is about thinking and judging. What we wanted to achieve with Brainstorm It! V.3.0 is the Web's first "smart" brainstorming/keyword/niche tool. Today we've certainly taken a major step toward that goal. Versions 3.1 and 3.2 are already in development."

Complete details about Brainstorm It! Version 3.0 and other recent developments within the Site Build It! system, are available at SBI! Tools.

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