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January 18, 2008

Site Build It!
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Infin It! Opens Up Site Build It!'s Architecture

SiteSell Launches Infin It!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Infin It! allows Site Build It! (SBI!) owners to add third party content or monetization systems to their site by mapping subdomains of their site's domain name to those applications. Whatever is added runs under the main SBI! site domain, giving each site strong branding for both human and spider visitors.

Included in the Site Build It! system at no extra charge, Infin It! can be used with any application that you can install on a third party host that allows domain mapping. Site Build It! site owners can now incorporate a third party functionality such as a blog, forum, wiki, shopping cart system, and/or content hosted on another site (MP3s or videos, or a database-driven system such as a directory) into their sites.

Ken Evoy, Founder of SiteSell, uses this analogy to explain Infin It!: "We view an SBI! site as the Content arrowTraffic arrowPREsell motor. Infin It! enables you to plug third party resources into your SBI! site to amplify that motor with more content. And it enables you to harness that engine (i.e., get more dollars out of it!) by plugging in monetization models."

SBI! owners are encouraged to utilize Infin It! after they have achieved a solid site foundation (30-50 site pages and 100 or more visitors per day). This tool also requires some basic knowledge about Web hosting, HTML and FTP.

"The beauty of it all," points out Evoy, "is that both humans and engines will consider your Infin It! plug-in as part of your main SBI! site, thereby strengthening your branding efforts."

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