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Feb 26, 2005

Site Build It!
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SiteSell Announces Name Park It!

SiteSell Launches Name Part It! To Affiliates And Site Build It! Owners!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Today announced the launch of Name Park It! (NPI!). This affordable domain name parking service ($9.95 per domain) is only available to SiteSell's 5 Pillar Affiliates and Site Build It! (SBI!) owners. No additional purchase or hosting are required.

According to Ken Evoy, President of, parking additional domain names through Name Park It! provides...

  • protection for possible future sites -- reserving a particular domain name gives the owner the opportunity create a spinoff of an existing site, or to start up a new site in an entirely new direction at a later date.
  • insurance -- by registering common variations of a domain name, the owner can conserve them for their own usage rather than losing them to competitors.
  • strategic ways to redirect traffic --- NPI! provides unlimited subdomains and the ability to redirect both the domain name and the subdomains to other URLs. These features are especially beneficial for affiliates (of any program) who want a cleaner alternative to long, complex-looking affiliate links.
  • "accidental" ways to redirect readers/visitors -- by registering common variations of a primary domain, the owner can capture traffic from visitors entering common misspellings.

Name Park It! is not available to the general public. Although is a host registrar, Evoy stressed that selling domains is not their main focus. "Our business is all about making small business people successful. And our site proves it. NPI! is a useful big-picture tool in that quest, offering an incredible Return on Investment. And naturally, if SBI! owners and 5 Pillar Affiliates succeed, we do, too. So it's a service that we're delighted to provide."

For more information about Name Park It!, Site Build It! and SiteSell's extensive business-building products, please visit...

Specific details about's affiliate program, the 5 Pillar Program, are available at...

About SiteSell is the publisher of the best-selling Make Your Site Sell! and a series of other Net marketing books of which over 100,000 copies have been sold. Over 300,000 people subscribe to its various e-zines and courses. And over 10,000 small businesses use Site Build It!. SiteSell is currently ranked among the top 200 sites on the Net, according to

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Ken Evoy, has been profitable since its inception. "We do it the old fashioned way," says Dr. Evoy. "We OVERdeliver on customer expectations, and truly empower our customers to do business successfully, while leaving the technology and complexity to us to handle in the background, where it should be."

SiteSell employs 35 people in the United-States, Canada, Australia and Europe.