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Dec. 26, 2000

Site Build It!
For more information, please contact: Launches The Most Comprehensive, "No-Tricks" Traffic-Building, "PreSelling" System on the Internet

Site Build It! Builds Income Through Content

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"Ask any business online what they need more of, and they'll all say the same thing... traffic!" So says Dr. Ken Evoy, President of

"Large companies solve their problems by throwing huge dollars at Super Bowl ads. Then waste even more on banner ads," says the opinionated physician. "It's a very inefficient way to build traffic."

Meanwhile, down in the "web trenches", cash-tight entrepreneurs and small businesses are trying to work the Net. Unfortunately, so many of them simply can't overcome the all too common roadblocks: knowledge of HTML, the rules and intricacies of Search Engines, and so forth. All that they are left with is resorting to mailing lists and other non-effective ways of e-marketing.

And that's where's new release, Site Build It!, comes in. It knocks down those roadblocks as it delivers a tightly integrated package of tools and information, all "under one roof," that empowers the average small e-businessperson to build Search Engine attractive sites that simultaneously "presell" by delivering high-value content.

From brainstorming to site-building to traffic-generating, Site Build It! requires no knowledge of HTML, FTP, Search Engine algorithms, or any other arcane technicalese! What does the e-marketer have to know?

"Only what he or she already knows!" And that's where the key point about traffic comes in. Naturally, traffic is useless to a business unless it has a purpose... unless as Dr. Evoy says, "it's targeted."

Site Build It! customers create professionaly designed themed sites using the intuitive and simple SiteBuilder Tool. They write about topics that are all related to a central theme... subjects that they already know and love. These topics also have a connection with whatever it is that they are selling online. Site Build It! through step by step on-line help, shows them how to deliver high-value content and how to generate traffic, simultaneously.

The key point?

Since potential visitors are looking for particular topics, and since the themed site delivers good content that meets those information needs, visitors are more inclined to visit recommended resources... including sales sites, online stores, and so forth.

Who benefits most from Site Build It!? Affiliates, online merchants of all kinds, professionals selling their services.... just about any kind of business, large or small, with something for sale on the Internet. And Dr. Evoy knows about selling - his book Make Your Site SELL! (CAD24.99 available on line at has helped tens of thousand netrapeneurs achieve success.

For all of these e-businesses, Site Build It! provides an all-in-one solution to a puzzle that until now has been overwhelming... or underwhelming!

Traffic. And selling by providing targeted, specific content. Site Build It! calls it "building income through content."