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December 3rd, 2002

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New Spam Tool Stops Spam BEFORE It's Sent

Montreal, Quebec, Canada announced today the release of SpamCheck, a tool that analyzes e-mail messages for 'spaminess' before small businesses send their e-zines and newsletters to their customers and prospects.

SpamCheck is offered as a free spam prevention tool at, as well as within SiteSell's business-building software called Site Build It!.

Small business owners send their planned e-zine to with the word 'TEST' in the subject field. Within seconds (minutes when their servers are overloaded), users obtain a 'Spam score' and recommendations on what to do to reduce that score. After making the changes, the marketer repeats the process.

"In testing, we found that it usually takes two passes through SpamCheck to get a pure e-mail. But that e-mail WILL make it into the subscriber's INBOX."

And therein lies the rub.

E-mail marketing is slowly being suffocated by a deluge of spam. The problem is so pervasive that HotMail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, and many large ISPs have implemented filtering software that "scans" e-mail for certain "triggers", which may include certain phrases, formatting, and/or aggressive writing styles.

Unfortunately, some of this software is overly sensitive. So honest marketers are "junked," too. Enter SpamCheck and

"Most small businesses use e-mail in a responsible manner but their e-mail is getting filtered, never reaching subscribers and customers who WANT to receive it. Just like the hapless dolphin that gets caught by the tuna fisherman by mistake, so too are legitimate Web marketers feeling the pain of the Junk Mail Folder unfairly," says Ken Evoy, President and CEO of

Warming to the subject, Dr. Evoy laughs. "Users who send a newsletter to have to put 'TEST' at the beginning of the subject of the e-zine they are checking. Know why?"

"Because spammers themselves will add that address to their spam lists and start mailing it in great volumes. So we have to ignore those. Hence, we ask users to start the subject with the word 'TEST.'"

SpamCheck is the first anti-Spam solution that tries to stop spam at the source, rather than the destination. SpamCheck is just one small piece of SiteSell's MailOut, that itself is just one of over 15 modules that form Site Build It!, which Dr. Evoy says is, "the ONLY product that allows small businesses to market their products and services online, SUCCESSFULLY, without having to worry about the underlying technology and complexity."

"When I want to make a business phone call, I do not have to understand telecommunications technology. I just make the call and do business. And that's the way SBI! works. SBI! takes care of technology and lets the small business owner take care of business. SpamCheck is just one small example -- it takes the worry out of sending newsletters, the same way that SBI! takes the worry out of doing business on the Net. It's the future of small business e-commerce. Years from now, we'll look back at the way we do business online today and laugh."

About is the publisher of Make Your Site Sell! and a series of other Net marketing books of which over 100,000 copies have been sold. Almost 300,000 people subscribe to its various e-zines and courses. And thousands of small businesses use Site Build It!.

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Ken Evoy, has been profitable since its inception, and has been increasing in dollar sales 100% every six months since November 2001. All without a dollar of Venture Capital. They do it, Dr. Evoy says, "the old fashioned way... by OVERdelivering on customer expectations, by truly empowering them to do business successfully, while leaving the technology and complexity to us to handle in the background, where that stuff should be."