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October 3, 2002

Site Build It!
For more information, please contact: Buys Itself Back from SureFire Commerce

Montreal, Quebec, Canada and SureFire Commerce announced yesterday that SiteSell has bought itself back from SureFire Commerce.

Originally acquired almost two years ago, SiteSell has been steadily growing as a provider of small business e-commerce information and solutions. Its Site Build It! product has empowered thousands of SOHOs and small businesses to establish successful online presences.

SureFire Commerce Inc. however, had decided to focus its core upon Internet transaction processing, bill payment, and MOTO and check processing.

So, as Dr. Evoy, president of said...

"An excellent opportunity presented itself to reacquire our company."

"We have grown to where we are now, according to, in the Top 2000 sites on the Net. And with thousands of small businesses building sites, tens of thousands of owners (of our other products) and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, it was an offer that, as they say, we just could not refuse."

"We are in an intense development mode right now, have just launched a major upgrade for Site Build It! and will be rapidly adding more and more functionality."

"It was an exciting time, working with the SureFire group. By maintaining an ongoing relationship with them, we both figured that this buy-back was the best of both worlds, for both companies."

For more info, see SureFire's press release.