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Aug 10, 2000

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Montreal, Canada -- "The written word has been forgotten by e-commerce. Dot-coms spend millions on graphics and technology, but it's words that sell."

In these days of high-profile bankruptcies and flagging Net sales, could these words by SiteSell CEO Ken Evoy point to the need for online marketers to get "back to basics"?

"Absolutely," says Evoy. "No words, no sales. Bad words, bad sales."

Which begs the question... why would companies leave such a basic necessity unaddressed?

"People think that they don't know how to write. They view it as some kind of mysterious gift. Rubbish -- this is not about writing! Hemingway was a writer. Tolstoy was a writer. Stephen King is a writer. Writing is about crafting wonderful fiction, stories of power and feeling."

The animated 46 year old executive goes on to explain...

"We don't need to be imbued with 'the gift of writing' in order to write to sell. We simply need to know how to persuade. And we are all natural-born persuaders."

According to Evoy... "Technology does not sell products. Nor do graphics or animated monkeys. Great products don't even sell themselves. Words sell."

He understands the selling power of words through the Net-selling success of his company, is a provider of e-commerce information and software. It has bootstrapped itself into a significant Internet success story. Their first publication Make Your Site SELL! (MYSS!) is generally acknowledged Web-wide as the "Bible of Internet Marketing".

How did he manage to sell so many of them?

"Words... the right ones. Of course, the words have to be backed up by great products, or you only end up with angry customers. But it's words that get sales."

And that is what has inspired the release of the latest in's "Make Your _____ Sell!" series. This week, in their continuing effort to level the e-commerce playing field for entrepreneurs and small businesses, has launched Make Your Words Sell! (MYWS!).

Evoy teamed with high-profile copywriter Joe Robson to co-author this book. Evoy and Robson both agree...

"Great copy is not about ruthless manipulation so you can charge 'til it hurts. It's about persuading customers to make value-for-value, cash-for-benefits exchanges."

And value is what SiteSell delivers. Included in the MYWS! electronic book package are four volumes:

  • MYWS! Main Volume - how to write Web sites that sell
  • MYWS! E-mail Words - how to write persuasive e-mail
  • MYWS! Online Store Words - how to write to sell for your web store
  • MYWS! Automatic Response Words - a Netwriter's "user's guide" to the English language.

Evoy guarantees that MYWS! makes people more persuasive, and that their sites will sell more. "It's literally an on-the-job mini-university course in Netwriting."

Make Your Words Sell! is available exclusively online at It is priced dynamically, which Evoy says is "the future of internet pricing."

But that's another story.