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Find Topics. Find Customers. Find Your Business with SBI! for WP

Every day, more and more people are using Google to discover the products and services they need. Google continues to integrate and perfect voice recognition so that customers can simply ask their phone and get the information they seek. And now, Yahoo! has given up their dream of competing with Google and has capitulated - turning to the search giant to provide search and ad services.

MONTREAL, Canada (August 12, 2015)

As a result, it’s more important than ever for businesses and bloggers to have accurate and articulate information at their fingertips about what their target audience is searching for.

But even then, the key ingredient to a successful content creation process that’s been missing is the connection between that all-important research data, and the actual site where it’s implemented.

A couple of years ago, SiteSell decided to tackle this problem.

SiteSell customers, mostly online entrepreneurs and small business owners, have had access to this accurate and articulated data for a long time as part of the SBI! business-building platform.

But that capability has only been available to those interested in the complete SBI! package, which Includes hosting and means using the proprietary site builder. SiteSell considered the potential of integrating the power of audience information, backed by solid business-building principles, with the popularity and ease of use that comes from the WordPress platform.

Following Lean Startup principles, SiteSell has launched a new product called SBI! for WP, which brings incredible keyword research and insights into a WordPress site, helping business owners to identify their niche and determine their content’s potential.

Users of SBI! for WP are able to do different kinds of keyword research and analysis, depending on what their goals are. And once they’ve created a list of keywords they wish to target, they can log into their WordPress website and select any one of those keywords as a target keyword for a particular page or post.

With a keyword targeted, the savvy business owner is now able to review current search data for that keyword, as well as where else it has been used throughout the site. And the tool also delivers detailed competitive insights, displaying the top ranked sites for that particular keyword and related information.

This ensures that those creating content can now easily see that accurate and articulated keyword data, not only saved and within their WordPress site, but right alongside the content that they’re writing and attempting to optimize.

But how does it really work?

SiteSell analyzes incredible amounts of data, from a variety of sources, and pulls it into each keyword query, calculating and formatting the results in a way that makes it easy for businesses to understand. The interest, competition and potential for a particular phrase is displayed, and results can be sorted and filtered in a variety of ways.

Searches can be performed using specific terms to generate results using those terms, or perhaps just related terms, giving you phrases people are searching for that you might not have imagined.

For the average business owner or blogger, that means that they can use the SBI! for WP tool to find out how much interest there actually will be, both in their idea for a business, and in specific topics that they might want to write or blog about.

Imagine, for a moment, that instead of spending a couple years testing different business models and looking for an audience, you might spend a few hours researching what people are actually searching for and in need of, and base a business on that.

Whenever we showed this tool to existing business owners, they were floored. They couldn’t believe how much time and effort we might have saved them, had they had access to this kind of research and analysis previously.

Fortunately, tens of thousands of SiteSell customers have enjoyed this capability for years. SiteSell’s flagship product, SBI!, includes the same brilliant business process learning and the same insightful keyword research. But while SBI! includes a proprietary website building system, SBI! for WP was designed for WordPress users who wanted to take advantage of SiteSell’s tools and processes to build their business, just on a different site platform.

You see, SiteSell has a long, rich history of providing entrepreneurs with tremendous resources. Take, for instance, the recent #SiteSellPresents series of live video Hangouts, featuring such thought leaders as Guy Kawasaki and David Amerland. These videos are exactly the kind of effort SiteSell puts into helping businesses and bloggers to get ahead.

With SBI! for WP, new and old entrepreneurs have an opportunity to refine their business model and identify rich new sources of leads and customers.

For more information, please visit or feel free to contact Mike Allton, SiteSell’s CMO and team lead for SBI! for WP, at