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Apr. 03, 2001

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Latest e-book in the bestselling
"Make Your ____ Sell!" series

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"Pursue a subject you love, and start seeing results right away" says Dr. Ken Evoy, President of

That's a perfect description of a new type of home business -- selling goods and services through Internet auction sites. The rapidly growing field has emerged as a result of the tremendous popularity of Internet sites such as eBay.'s new e-book, Make Your Net Auction Sell! (MYNAS!), describes the field in detail, guiding readers in ways to profit by auctioning goods or services that interest them. MYNAS! is the latest in a series of publications aimed at leveling the e-commerce playing field for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

"Auctioning on the Internet is special because it takes no start-up investment, so there's no risk, and virtually anyone can do it, part-time, full-time, whenever they choose." says Dr. Evoy.

The book's release this week is particularly appropriate to this time of the year. Spring cleaning makes starting a Net auction business even easier.

"To get started in Net auctions, the only capital you need is the stuff you've got tucked way in the back of your attic, basement or closet," says Evoy. "After all, you don't really want it, or you'd use it. On the other hand, you suspect it still has value, or you would have chucked it. Do something. Through a Net auction, you can offer your unused treasures to the entire world -- unlike a garage sale."

Initially learning to buy or sell at an auction site is easy. A seller can register at eBay, for example, in as little as five minutes.

But, as MYNAS! author Sydney Johnston explains, that's just the start. You learn the ropes and then go on to sell other goods or services of virtually any type you choose.

And that's where having a subject you love comes in.

As easy as the Net auction field is to get into, it's the flexibility that makes a Net auction business attractive to the people who've built one. You can auction virtually anything on Internet auction sites. So scout around and pick a subject you love.

"Any business takes attention, and if you find the subject personally interesting, you're going to dedicate the time it requires," Johnston says. "People who don't enjoy what they are doing usually don't have the stamina to stick it out and learn their craft."

"While I love the money, I love the freedom just as much or more. I am fascinated by the people that I meet and the merchandise that I find. I feel a real thrill of discovery when I successfully carry something off," Johnston writes.

Fully half of Johnston's book is dedicated to the issues of finding and selecting the products or services to sell, and how to obtain them profitably, along with the craft of effective online marketing.

The techniques in finding profitable goods and services are not limited to using the Internet. Like other Net auction pioneers, Johnston explored and taught herself the ins and outs of this and other Net auction business functions. She says a Net auction business is a lot easier if you have a proper guide.

"If you just want to play with auctions, make a sale here and there, you may not need to use any particular approach to stay organized," Johnston says. "But if you want to get serious about the business and make your living at it, you will need to be organized or you will go down in flames." To assist her reader in organization, each chapter of Johnston's 500-page book contains a detailed action checklist.

Following it step-by-step can really pay off. Proceed methodically, she says, and "Net auctions are the simplest way on this planet for the 'little guy' to make money."

Included in the MYNAS! electronic book package are two volumes:

MYNAS! Main Volume -- how to make it in the Net auction game

MYNAS! Build Sources -- where to find profitable goods to sell

"This is the only book that covers all aspects of the Net auction business," says Evoy, "from start-up through growth and expansion. You can make a very good living and save enough for retirement."

"And once you retire," he adds, "it's a business you can still continue part-time. If you enjoy it, why not?"

Make Your Net Auction Sell! is available exclusively online at It is priced dynamically, which Evoy says is "the future of Internet pricing" and his company's online "name-your-price" system is certainly appropriate for a book about Net auctions.

Evoy guarantees readers' satisfaction with the guidance contained in the MYNAS! package.

About is a provider of e-commerce information and software. The Canadian company bootstrapped itself into a significant Internet success story. Its first publication, Make Your Site SELL! (MYSS!), is generally acknowledged Web-wide as the "Bible of Internet Marketing" and was the inspiration for the "Make Your _______ Sell!" series.

In addition to's "best-on-the-Net at the best price" e-commerce books, the company also markets server-side software tools used by all types of enterprises and entrepreneurs. Ken Evoy's business philosophy is to offer the absolute best information and tools available on the market.'s products and services include the books "Make Your Site SELL!", "Make Your Knowledge Sell!", "Make Your Price Sell!", and "Make Your Words Sell!", as well as five-day Masters Courses. In addition, the company recently launched "Site Build It!", the ultimate e-commerce value bundle that will increase targeted traffic to your sales site (or to the site of the merchant that you represent). products and services are sold directly and through a sophisticated network of affiliated Internet sites. In addition to its 13,000 affiliates, boasts 60,000 subscribers to its three online magazines, was recently acquired by SureFire Commerce Inc., of which Evoy is now a Vice President.

About SureFire Commerce

SureFire Commerce Inc. (TSE: MTP) is a global business-to-business provider of proprietary e-commerce solutions in the areas of merchant enabling and secure credit card transaction processing. SureFire Commerce is an international provider of secure online transaction processing services, targeting to process in excess of $1 billion in transactions this fiscal year. SureFire Commerce's merchant enabling solutions provide telecommunications companies, Internet service providers, high traffic portals and financial institutions the ability to generate recurrent revenue streams for themselves and their small- and medium-sized business customers. SureFire Commerce is headquartered in Montreal, with offices in Hull and Boston.