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April 07, 2006

Site Build It!
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Beta SiteSell Supply Is Now Available

Beta SiteSell Supply Calculates A Keyword's True Competition

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

SiteSell continues to develop innovative features for its flagship product, Site Build It! (SBI!). This comprehensive system is designed to help a small business owner create a well-trafficked, profitable Web site. Its latest feature, known as "SiteSell Supply," further refines the keyword researching capabilities of SBI!'s Brainstorm It! module.

The Brainstorm It! module has two parts, Brainstormer and Master Keyword List. Brainstormer researches the Web and brings back a complete list of the most profitable ("demand" vs. "supply") topics related to the user's niche. This information is presented in the Master Keyword List, where a user can search, sort, analyze, add, or delete keywords and include research details about top sites for each keyword.

The goal of this new feature, SiteSell Supply, is to identify true competitive supply. It purges unnecessary data from a sampling of supply pages reported by Search Engines for a given keyword and then calculates what Ken Evoy, President of, describes as a 'competition seriousness index.'

Evoy contends that the Supply data currently delivered by the major engines is bloated with spam, junk and accidental pages. "Page junk/spam is a problem, and it's going to get worse," explains Evoy. "More spam. More scam. More junk. But not that much more serious competition. So... enter SiteSell Supply! We spider the Web to go way past the data provided by Search Engines. As the user of this tool steadily cones down from Google Supply data to SiteSell General Supply data to SiteSell Advertising Supply data to the actual advertisers in Advertising URLs, s/he gets a complete and accurate picture of true competition."

During the beta test period, the SiteSell Supply functionality is segregated in its own area of SBI!. The final delivery of SiteSell Supply will be integrated into the Brainstorm It! module's Master Keyword List.

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About SiteSell

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Ken Evoy, has been profitable since its inception. "We do it the old fashioned way," says Dr. Evoy. "We OVERdeliver on customer expectations, and truly empower our customers to do business successfully, while leaving the technology and complexity to us to handle in the background, where it should be."

SiteSell employs 35 people in the United-States, Canada, Australia and Europe.