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April 04, 2008

Site Build It!
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"Do-It-For-Me" Demand of Local Businesses Gets Answered

SiteSell Launches SiteSell Services

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Most small business owners do not have the time or inclination to build their own Web sites. SiteSell Services (a division of uses the proven process and tools of Site Build It! to construct Web sites "for them" in a way that outperforms the results of locally-based Webmasters.

SiteSell launches SiteSell Services to expand its business reach beyond "Do-It-Yourself" site-building entrepreneurs, and to respond to the needs of the huge "Do-It-For-Me" market. For the most part, these people are local small business owners who do not have the time, inclination, or expertise to create a Web site on their own.

According to founder Ken Evoy, the SiteSell Services division presents an affordable and results-oriented alternative to the services of locally-based Webmasters. "For people who value their time much more than the dollar, we offer a different kind of service, one that builds robust diversified online businesses, not just sites," explains Evoy.

"The typical local Webmaster may know how to design an attractive site," Evoy goes on to say, "but s/he is unable to generate free targeted traffic and maximize a site's monetization potential like our Site Build It! system does. We know how to build a site that works -- our Results page is proof of the process []. For people who want a site to be built for them, SiteSell Services provides them with advanced expertise and the best ROI!"

Certified, experienced SBI! Webmasters from North America, Europe, and Australia make up the SiteSell Services team of Specialists. Using the Site Build It! system (process and tools) and a prescribed site development plan, each Specialist determines the best positioning for his or her client's site, researches profitable in-demand keywords for content pages, and sets up the site's core architecture, including its Look & Feel design.

Beyond an initial discussion about specific business details and overall goals, the client can choose his or her level of involvement in the site-building process, from a "hand's off" style to weekly updates.

SiteSell Services is pricing its Webmastering packages competitively, with its starting Core Package costing $1599 (plus an SBI! Monthly Service of $29.95) for a 10-page foundation site.

SiteSell Services also offers a range of additional packages that are designed to elevate the client site's online reputation and Search Engine rankings, and to boost targeted traffic momentum.

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