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SiteSell Education

SiteSell has partnered with over 30 educational institutions worldwide (USA, Australia, Europe, Canada and Africa) to deliver a unique hands-on business course, "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet."

Using current, reality-based theory, proven practices, and integrated tools, the in-classroom course taught by expert instructors guides students through a proven business-building process.

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"Building A Successful Business Using The Internet" course is now available for SBI! for WP users!

Target Market

The physical course attracts aspiring entrepreneurs who want the structured learning environment of a weekly classroom session taught by a live instructor.

"Building A Successful Business Using The Internet" is meant to appeal to the 72% of all households thinking about starting a home-based business.

SiteSell Professionals: "Show Me" Coaching

"Show Me" SiteSell Professionals provide the guidance and instruction needed to get a customer up and running with SBI! or SBI! for WP as quickly as possible.

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A SiteSell Professional will provide one-on-one help via e-mail, telephone and webinar technology. S/he and the customer interact in real time during coaching sessions.

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About SiteSell Education and SiteSell Professionals

The benefits of SiteSell's entrepreneurial education and coaching are limitless and fill a valuable need in the market for solid, principled Internet business instruction/mentoring.

SiteSell is committed to making business education (with the help of SBI! and WordPress) easy, comprehensive and affordable.