Corporate Management


Ken Evoy
Founder, CEO

Ken Evoy is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of SiteSell Inc. Evoy is the creator of SBI!, SiteSell's comprehensive Web business-building system, and is also the author of a series of widely-acclaimed "best on the Net" books and resource blog posts. Due to his efforts, SiteSell's brand is highly-respected by top influential Internet business personalities around the world.

A successful entrepreneur, Evoy has invented over 23 products that have sold internationally, generating 100's of millions of dollars in revenues for various companies. He also developed several software products, including one for the stock market sector.

Ken Evoy is a physician who formerly taught and practiced emergency medicine at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Evoy brands his business philosophy as "E-business Success. Simple. Real." He feels strongly that every small business can be empowered to use the Internet to leverage their income building potential - whether it is to build a new business, grow an existing offline business, or create secondary income streams. SBI! and SBI! for WP deliver the proven process, tools and guidance to build thriving online businesses and change lives.

Evoy was born in Montreal, Canada and holds degrees in science and medicine from McGill University. (See Ken Evoy on LinkedIn.)

Allan B. Abrahams

Montreal born Allan Abrahams is SiteSell's President, reporting to CEO Ken Evoy. As one of SiteSell's founding members in 1997, Allan's responsibility is to lead SiteSell towards the single focused goal of customer success.

Mr. Abrahams brings an extensive background in usability, graphic and mechanical design, and has been involved in "all things web" since 1995. Prior to joining SiteSell, his development and web architecture skills were used by various startups in the biotech, competitive intelligence, and retail marketing sectors.

In his former life, Allan was a professional bass player, and has worked with numerous international recording artists in both live and recording capacities.

Mr. Drinkwater is SiteSell's COO, reporting to President Allan Abrahams, and CEO Ken Evoy. Allan is in charge of SiteSell's finances and operations.

Before joining SiteSell, Allan was a Product Director at Optimal Payments and prior to that held various positions within the product development and sales groups of technology companies such as Kana Communications of Menlo Park, California and Parametric Technology Corporation of Needham, Massachusetts. Mr. Drinkwater holds a B. Eng. in mechanical engineering from McGill University.

Carole McPherson

Ms. McPherson is SiteSell's Chief Content Officer, reporting to President Allan Abrahams. Carole is responsible for the operations of SiteSell's customer communications including all help, strategies, guides, and newsletters. An integral part of SiteSell's offerings, Carole ensures that SiteSell's content sets the industry standard. She leads her team to provide ongoing updated information, and business building advice to SiteSell's customers.

Mike Alton

Mr. Alton is SiteSell's Chief Marketing Officer, reporting to President Allan Abrahams. Mike manages the marketing and social efforts of the company to educate and engage budding entrepreneurs and small business owners. Mike has spent years studying the intricacies of content marketing, is a prolific blogger, and author of The Unofficial Book on HootSuite.

Originally from Ohio, Mike currently resides in the St. Louis area with his wife and two girls where they regularly watch and attend St. Louis Cardinal games.

Advisory Board

Bob Laverdure

Bob Laverdure is an entrepreneur and financial investor in various businesses. Until recently, Bob was Senior Vice President at TD Bank Financial Group where, over the past 34 years, he fulfilled several executive mandates for the Bank in Quebec, leading Corporate and Investment Banking and, more recently, the Commercial and Retail Banks. Bob is acknowledged by his peers for his business acumen and his expertise in establishing and leading teams.

Joel Leonoff

Joel Leonoff is an entrepreneur who has founded several substantial high-tech companies since the mid-nineties. Mr. Leonoff was a co-founder of, a successful ISP later acquired by a major telco. He later co-founded and was Chief Operating Officer of SureFire Commerce, a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (now Optimal Payments).

Daniel Kornitzer

Mr. Kornitzer is currently Executive Vice President of Optimal Payments Plc (LSE AIM: OPAY) and has been on the SiteSell Board of Directors since 2002.

Before joining Optimal Payments, Mr. Kornitzer spent 6 years as CEO of SiteSell and, prior to that, President of TWPS Ltd (Bermuda). He also possesses thirteen years of experience in the telecommunications industry, where he held senior management positions at Nortel Networks and General DataComm.

Management Team

Ken Evoy
Founder & CEO

Allan Abrahams

Allan Drinkwater

Board of Directors

Ken Evoy

Bob Laverdure

Joel Leonoff

Daniel Kornitzer